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pronouns they/them or she/her
species dragonfox

Building clouds, crashing servers, writing my own OS and tinkering with electronics. I'm also quite (species-, gender-, sexuality- and neuro-)queer and go by either she/her or they/them (both singular and plural!) pronouns.

Apparently an old and wise dragon, granting wisdom and advice around queer and/or polyam topics. Quoting a friend:

This is like "can you fix my wifi" but for poly queers hahahahha

Someone decided it be a good idea to make me tech lead for Kubernetes stuff at my employer and I somehow have commits in Kubernetes and UEFI, while also having commit access to LLVM - I'm really not quite sure how that happened 🙃
This is not a professional account though, I'm mostly writing queer (shit-)posts sprinkled with a few project logs or rants.

I usually write alt texts for media I post and at least think twice before boosting any non-alt-texted media.

You might know my other account at @LittleFox, but that is mastosoc and I don't really use it anymore. Because I'm running a single-user instance (that btw was never meant to be my "productive" instance), you might not see any posts from me without going to my profile on my instance directly - federation is always working perfectly, except when it isn't for any weird edge case ^^

Call me Mara, Sophie, Luna or Saphira! Or find any of the bonus names also working :o)

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pikku kettu :therian: . @littlefox,

Watching a video about different types of foxes and where they live on the planet

Me: "and where is the dragonfox?!"
... And then me getting pointed at by a person in real life - yes, I am dragonfox :3

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pikku kettu :therian: . @littlefox,

Type of dragon often wrapping beings to make them feel comfy and safe while being too big to be wrapped in wings themselves..

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pikku kettu :therian: . @littlefox,

Some dragons accidentally use their breath weapon when laughing, which is why tickling the dragon is that dangerous

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pikku kettu :therian: . @littlefox,

Dragon facts!

Contrary to popular belief, dragons are not immune against burns from waaay too hot food

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pikku kettu :therian: . @littlefox,

Random lore dump!

My nick in IRC was "\n" for some time. Why? It's the escape sequence in C-like languages for a newline, specifically the ASCII control character "line feed", commonly abbreviated as "LF" - it's just matching my nickname "LittleFox" and after someone called me "LF", I started using that as a base for many name puns.

It's ASCII code is 10 in decimal or, more importantly, 0x0a in hex.

The logo I always use in new stuff is a Fox climbing down from upper right to lower left, mostly with some text between upper and lower paws - they are climbing to the start of the next line

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pikku kettu :therian: . @littlefox,

"Ah, you are farmer Maggot then - where are your mushrooms?"
"In my cellar of course! So.. three levels above you!"

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